Techné, a specific way of working


Georges Fontaines, founder and General Manager has counted on human resources since Techné's creation. His success is mostly due to the transparency of the information about the company as well as its remuneration system.

Techné’s social policy is centred on young employees (average 34 years old), on people’s responsibilization and motivation.

The fact that the employees can express themselves and the fact that their needs to evolve in the company are being considered allows Techné to rely on a stable managing team, that has also taken responsabilities in the company's management.

Techné's salarial system is clearly expressing the values that have ruled the company's development by the employees' sharing of the company's profits and by favorising responsabilising systems:

  • Individual commissions
  • Profit sharing
  • Company savings
  • Real-estate investment company of which the employees are shareholders...

"Our wish is to make each individual evolve in a team and towards a shared goal".

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